List of Services

You're a beautiful canvas, and we are all about helping your inner beauty and awareness emerge. We make sure that you leave sessions feeling recharged, in control and completely whole. Awareness uses her training, empathic intuitive abilities, healing modalities, personal experience and all-natural pain products to deliver a range of services.

Animal Therapy

15 - 30 minute Usui Reiki Session | $35

35 - 45 minute Usui Reiki Session | $60

30 minute Crystal Reiki Session | $75

Chakra Balancing | $20

Crystal Chakra Balancing | $35

*Max amount of minutes giving for each session. If animal(s) shows no interest we will reschedule*

Awareness Awakening

Awareness Awakening Alternative Therapy

1 Session (1.5 - 2 hours) | $200

4 sessions meeting once a week | $750

From Victim To Victor Sessions

4 months meeting Bi-Weekly (8 sessions) | $1,400

4 months meeting Weekly ( 16 sessions) | $2,500

Free 30 Minute Consultation | Payment Plans Available | Custom Packages By Request


At Your Own Pace

Reiki Level 1 Introduction (Lessons 1 - 5) | Free

Reiki Level 1 Beginner (Full Course) | $50

Reiki Level 2 Practitioner (Full Course) | COMING SOON!!

Reiki Level 3 Master (Full Course) | COMING SOON!!

Additional Information

  • Manual Included with Full Lessons

  • Attunement's will be scheduled upon completion of course and passing of knowledge assessment

  • Online Teacher Led Courses Available date TBD

  • Payment Plans Available

  • Private In person/online classes for groups of 10 available (11+ people additional $25 per person)

Energy Healing

Usui Reiki Sessions

30 minute Usui Reiki Session - Reiki session utilizing traditional Usui Reiki symbols and practices | $50 Remote/$60 In-Person

60 minute Usui Reiki Session - Reiki session utilizing traditional Usui Reiki symbols and practices. As a bonus it includes a Chakra Balancing and an Angelic protection bubble to protect you from negative energies and release any that are currently attached. Any messages received will be explained | $90 Remote/$100 In-person

Usui Chakra Balancing - Chakra Balancing session using Usui Reiki | $20/$30 In-person

Crystal Reiki Sessions

30 Minute Crystal Reiki Session - Crystal Reiki Session utilizes traditional Usui Reiki Master symbols and practices; is completed with the aid of crystals. Crystals help amplify the Reiki Energy, assist with grounding you and also aids in warding off negative energies. Crystals used during sessions vary by desired outcome | $75 Remote/$85 In-person

60 min. Distant Crystal Reiki Session - Crystal Reiki session includes everything from the 30 Minute session and as a bonus includes a Crystal Chakra Balancing utilizing Orgone Crystals and ends with the cleansing of your Aura Field using a Selenite wand and guided meditation| $135 Remote/$145 In-person

Crystal Chakra Balancing - Crystal Reiki Chakra Balancing session utilizes Usui Reiki Symbols, Orgone crystals and a copper wrapped clear quartz pendulum to pinpoint unbalanced Chakras and bring them back into alignment. I will start the session by cleansing your Aura Field using a Selenite Wand and end with placing an Angelic Protective Bubble around you that will repeal and release any energies/attachments that are no longer serving you. I will let you know which Chakra's are unbalanced as well as give any feedback as it pertains to those point | $35 Remote/$45 In-person

Karuna Ki Reiki Sessions

30 min Karuna Ki Reiki Session - Session is completed with the aid of Usui and Karuna Ki Symbols. Karuna Ki Reiki Symbols will be chosen based on the induvial needs | $80.00/In-Person $90.00

60 min Distant Reiki Session - Session is completed with the aid of Usui and Karuna Ki Symbols. As an added bonus it includes everything from the Crystal Chakra Balancing Session. Many times I incorporate additional techniques with this session which help me gain a clearer picture. When I energetically connect to you I also may get an intuitive message which I explain with this session | $145.00/In-Person $155.00

*In person sessions up to 9 miles every additional mile is $1.00 per mile

Group Sessions

Monthly Membership

1 - Card Reading, 1 - 30 minute Usui Reiki | $TBD

1 - Usui Chakra Balancing, 1 - 1 hour Crystal Reiki Session | $TBD

1 - Card or Rune Reading, 2 - 1 hour Reiki Sessions (1 Crystal, 1 Karuna Ki), 1 - Crystal Chakra Balancing | $TBD

*Minimum of 3 months - One lump sum receive discount, monthly payments due every 30 days, or auto-pay on recurring day*

*Individual packages available upon request*


Forget About It Small - .50 oz | $15

Forget About It Medium - 1 oz| $25

Forget About It Large - 2 oz | $45

Custom sizes and makes available